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I was tagged by lapetitecamionnette

1. Hobbies?

NASCAR, playing guitar, exploring Skyrim and The Capital Wasteland, riding bikes, and reading books.

2. Tell me about a favorite romantic experience. 

Well last Tuesday I took youandi-we-were-born-to-die to Woodward Park downtown, and we had a lovely time. It’s my favorite until we go out on our next date.

3. How would you describe yourself? 

Shy, kinda weird, tall (Well, I mean I am), a bit loud at times, apprently I’m kinda funny too.

4. Is there anything about yourself that you would change? 

I wish I was a bit more outgoing.

5. Do you know have an idea of what you expect your future to hold?

I want to be a cop, and I’m looking for a job to help me get experience while I’m doing the rest of the work involved to be a cop.

6. Do you fear the future or do you eagerly await it?

Depends on when you ask. Sometimes I fear it, other times I cant wait.

7. When are you most comfortable?

Laying in my bed.

8. Anyone you look up to?

Jeff Gordon, my uncle, my grandpa

9. Referring to #8, why?

They’re all great people. My uncle and my grandpa have taught me a lot about life, and how to be a better person. Jeff Gordon is a great example of not letting fame go to your head and using your name and image to help someone better their life.

10. Tell me an embarrassingly true story.

I forgot to do my laundry one night before school and didnt have any clean underwear so I had to go commando the next day. I wasn’t about to wear jeans cause that shit would hurt, so I wore basketball shorts and I guess some girl noticed and said I had nice wang. She was a whore.

11. Considering you could easily ignore this, why did you choose to answer this question tag post?

You’re telling me NOW I didnt have to do this crap?!

My questions for those tagged by me:

1) What do you want out of life?

2) If you could visit anywhere in the universe for a week, where would you go?

3) What’s your favorite place on Earth?

4) If you could do drugs, consequence free, would you?

5) Who is the first person you talk to when you’re upset?

6) Where would you rather be right now?

7) What’s your biggest fear?

8) When you were six, what did you want to be when you grew up?

9) Pick a scar on your body, what’s the story behind it?

10) Do you like Monty Python?

11) What’s the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

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reasons sims 4 will kill me before i even get it

  • parties with glowsticks raves???
  • you can move whole rooms and buildings!! 
  • multitasking!!
  • you can download new content without leaving the game??!?
  • sims with emotions?? real emotions!!
  • sims can be right or left handed??! why?? who cares??!
  • rocket ship??! cupcake factory??!! 
  • A U T O S A V E